Document Type : Systematic review


1 Department of pathology,Ghaem hospital,School of medicine,mashhad university of medical sciences

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Introduction: Due to the importance of SOX6 expression in brain tumors as a promising diagnostic and therapeutic target, we tried to systematically review existed information regarding the expression pattern of this CT gene in human normal and cancerous brain tissues.
Method: PubMed was searched with the following search strategy: (SOX 6 OR SOX6 OR SOX-6) AND tumor, on Oct-2015. All types of articles, which studied the quantitative aspect or the intensity of the expression of the SOX6 in patients with different types of brain tumors, were included in this systematic review. There was not restriction regarding the date of publication or the language of the obtained articles.
Results: Totally, 125 articles were obtained following the initial search in PubMed. Majority of the obtained articles were irrelevant with the aim of the study due to investigating other types of tumors except brain tumors. Eventually 5 articles were completely eligible to be involved.
Discussion: Based on presented articles results, glioma tissue cells shows genes expression pattern compatible and well matched with developing CNS cells. Regarding the relation of SOX6 in oncogenesis, it seems that SOX6 does not stimulate proliferation however affect the early stage of oncogenesis in gliomas by inducing transformation activity.
Conclusion: High rate of SOX6 expression made it a considerable choice as a therapeutic and diagnostic marker; however more accurate information on the protein expression pattern is essential