Medical treatment of nasal polyps: a review

Mohammad Saleh Soltankhah; Mohammad Reza Majidi; Shahaboddin Shabani

Volume 2, Issue 1 , January 2015, , Pages 24-27

  Nasal polyp is macroscopic edematous mass and it is a most common nasal complaint of the patients. The exact etiology is still unknown and controversial, but the main causes are assumed to be the inflammatory conditions and allergy. Their clinical presentations are obstruction, rhinorrhea, postnasal ...  Read More

The over expression of thioredoxin during malignancies

Shahaboddin Shabani; Navid Nourizadeh; Mohammadsaleh Soltankhah

Volume 1, Issue 4 , October 2014, , Pages 218-224

  Thioredoxin system comprised of thiorexin and NADPH dependent thiorexin reductase, is responsible for redox regulation of cells by controlling the apoptosis, proliferation and other vital processes of cells. The efficacy of thioredoxin system has been represented in a wide range of physiological and ...  Read More