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This article briefly describes effective factors, the process to access health services, the success of the national and international indices, problems - challenges, concerns and worries about the health of children and system services. Then study the root causes and then paid attention to global and national experience to provide solutions in the form of national sector reform program.
Material& Methods: Research in statistical reports from confirmed sites about Iran children health situation analysis Research in several findings of Iran statistical investigation &surveys (Iran Ministry of health and medical education)
Factors affecting the health are: social and economic factors 50%, access to health services 25%, biological and genetic factors 15% and physical factors 10%. If the development programs in this country will not proceed in a smooth and stable way, the present acceleration of all existing programs will deteriorate.
The Census 2016 showed that all provinces were experiencing the positive growth rate. According to the same census provinces like Hamedan, Ardebil, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Zanjan, Gilan, Lorestan, east and central Azerbaijan, with the population proportion of 23% of total population of Iran had the population growth rate of less than 1% . Life expectancy at birth, during the two decades with the 5.3 year increase, has reached to 72.5 years..According to child health information in Iran, health development is achieved during several recent years by PHC program and trend of child mortality and morbidity decreased significantly by health care programs for this vulnerable ages.