Oxidative stress in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients

Samaneh Sabouri; Mohsen Foroughipour; Elaheh Emadi; Daryoush Hamidi Alamdari

Volume 10, Issue 3 , September 2023, , Pages 36-41


  Introduction: In multiple sclerosis (MS), oxidative stress (OS) performs a vital role in the neurodegeneration process. Cholesterol and lipids in the myelin sheath supplied by low-density lipoprotein (LDL) are also vital for nerve cells. In OS, lipid peroxidation occurs in LDL. Objective: To investigate ...  Read More

Serum vitamin C levels: a comparison between febrile children with or without seizure

Forough Rakhshanizadeh; Farhad Heydarian; Elahe Heidari; Lida Jarahi; hassan kani

Volume 9, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 130-133


  Objective: An imbalance has been reported in the oxidant-antioxidant system of infants with febrile convulsion. This study aimed to compare serum vitamin C levels between febrile children with or without seizures. Materials and Method: This multicenter case-control study was conducted on febrile infants ...  Read More

The Antioxidant And Anti-inflammatory Properties Of Chamomile And Its Constituents

Saeedeh Talebi; Payam Sharifan; Andisheh Norouzian Ostad; Seyedeh-Elaheh Shariati; AmirAli Moodi Ghalibaf; Mehdi Barati; Malihe Aghasizadeh; Sahar ghoflchi; Hamideh Ghazizadeh; Niloofar Shabani; Gordon A. Ferns; Hamid Reza Rahimi; majid Ghayour

Volume 9, Issue 2 , June 2022, , Pages 93-104


  Introduction: Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.), as widely used as a medicinal herb and is brewed beverages, and has been used for the treatment of several conditions. The evidence from in vitro, in vivo, and clinical studies suggests that chamomile and its many flavonoid components have anti-oxidant ...  Read More

The effect of free radicals on sperm DNA and antioxidant protective role; an assessment and review

Soheila Pourmasumi; Parvin Sabeti

Volume 7, Issue 1 , March 2020, , Pages 37-42


  Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the level of ROS and antioxidants. Sperm membranes are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and are very sensitive to increased free radicals. Increasing the level of ROS can lead to an increase in lipid peroxidation in sperm membrane, decrease in their flexibility, ...  Read More

The role of oxidative stress in pediatric urinary tract infections: a systematic review

Mostafa Delshad; Azita Fesharakinia; Samaneh Eghbal

Volume 3, Issue 1 , January 2016, , Pages 43-47


  Introduction: Urinary tract infection (UTI) that can affect any part of the urinary tract and may subsequently lead to kidney infection is linked with variety of causative factors such as oxidative stress. In this study, we aimed to systematically review the literatures to evaluate the effects of oxidative ...  Read More

Oxidative stress in COPD, pathogenesis and therapeutic views

Fariba Rezaeetalab; Daryush Hamidi alamdari; Asghar Dalili

Volume 1, Issue 3 , August 2014, , Pages 115-124


  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), characterised by partially reversible contracture of small respiratory airways seems to be among leading causes of death in the world. COPD is characterized by inflammation, protease/antiprotease imbalance, genetic variability and oxidative stress. The latter ...  Read More