A comprehensive Review of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Including: Prevalence, Pathogenesis, Biomarkers Diagnosis, and Current Treatment Options

Najmeh Malekzadeh

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 180-184


  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as motor neuron disease is a destroying neurodegenerative disease that mainly affects the upper and lower motor neurons. It is now believed that primary diagnosis and treatment are essential and useful. Early diagnosis with newer methods prevents the progression ...  Read More

Fake Traditional Healers with Superstitious Magical Treatments and Their Practices Regarding Children's Diseases

Yalda Ravanshad; Mohadese Golsorkhi; Sahar Ravanshad; Zahra sadat Mohajeri; Anoush Azarfar

Volume 7, Issue 1 , March 2020, , Pages 1-4


  Introduction: Nowadays, fake doctors, known as “Bandis” in our country Iran, represent themselves as traditional healers and use superstitious ideas for the healing of the ill, especially children. Their activities do not comply with any scientific methods. No research has been focused on ...  Read More

Autophagy as one of the most important strategies for the treatment of tuberculosis; Mini-review

Masoud Youssefi; Majid Eslami; Mohsen Karbalaei; Masoud Keikha; Kiarash Ghazvini

Volume 6, Issue 4 , November 2019, , Pages 135-139


  Cancer is defined as uncontrolled cell division, which could spread or invade various tissues. There are more than 200 types of cancer, including breast, skin, lung, colon, and prostate cancer, and lymphoma, the symptoms and indications of which vary depending on the type of tissues. Cancer has several ...  Read More

Systemic Treatments of Leishmaniasis: A Narrative Review

Ahmad Reza Taheri; Sara Sabouri Rad; Sara Molkara

Volume 6, Issue 3 , September 2019, , Pages 91-97


  Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a prevalent parasitic infection in humans. According to the reports published in several localities across the world, leishmaniasis is an endemic disease in certain regions in Iran. Leishmaniasis is transmitted through sandfly bites and is often diagnosed through the smear ...  Read More

Therapeutic Updates on Lichen planopilaris and Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia: A Systematic Review

Behnoush Bakhshoudeh; Maryam Salehi; Ramin Sadeghi; Alireza Omranzadeh; Toktam Sahranavard; Soheil Arekhi; Ali Jafarzadeh Esfehani; Naghmeh Zabolinejad

Volume 5, Issue 3 , September 2018, , Pages 76-94


  Introduction: Lichen planopilaris (LPP) and frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA) are skin diseases that affect the quality of life. Although a systematic review on LPP and FFA treatment was published in 2013, further updates are needed. The aim of this study is to review systematically the studies published ...  Read More

Intractable Epilepsy in Children

Mehran Beiraghi Toosi; Farnoosh Ebrahimzadeh

Volume 5, Issue 3 , September 2018, , Pages 118-121


  A seizure is defined as a paroxysmal and transient occurrence of signs or symptoms resulting from abnormal synchronous or excessive neuronal activity in the brain. About 15 to 40 percent of children who have any type of seizure are resistant to standard anti-seizure drugs, so called intractable epilepsy. ...  Read More

Current treatment in rheumatoid arthritis: a review including nanotechnology and gene therapy

Najmeh Malekzadeh

Volume 4, Issue 2 , May 2017, , Pages 62-68


  Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common inflammatory disease affecting approximately 1% of the adult population worldwide. Before new treatments were available, unchecked RA caused notable inability and mortality .It is now accepted that primary diagnosis and treatment are essential and useful. Progress ...  Read More

Male breast cancer: a review of literature

Soodabeh Shahidsales; Mitra Fazl Ersi

Volume 4, Issue 2 , May 2017, , Pages 69-72


  Studies have devoted relatively scant attention to male breast cancer compared with female breast cancer. Nevertheless, the incidence of male breast cancer has increased considerably in parallel manner with women. There is not comprehensive knowledge regarding the etiology of breast cancer in men. The ...  Read More

Atopic dermatitis and the therapeutic methods: a literature review

Jalil Tavakol Afshari; Mahdi Yousefi; Roshanak Salari

Volume 3, Issue 4 , November 2016, , Pages 158-162


  Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that starts in the early life and usually persists by the end of life in 20% of cases. The disease shows multiple periods of relapse, and significantly affects the patient’s quality of life. The etiology of this disease is unknown, yet recent studies ...  Read More

Methamphetamine psychosis, the efficacy of atypical antipsychotics

Amir Rezaei Ardani; Azam Motamedi Nasab

Volume 2, Issue 1 , January 2015, , Pages 9-14


  Worldwide growing methamphetamine abuse is one of the most serious health problems with several different consequences for victims, especially in developing countries. Chronic methamphetamine abuse is associated with several psychiatric problems in all countries which are faced to epidemic methamphetamine ...  Read More