Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2020 

Original article

1. Febrile children with or without seizure: a Comparison between CBC, ESR and CRP

Pages 100-103

Elhan Bakhtiari; Farhad Heydarian; Mohammad Ali kiani; Zahra Askari; Mohammad Heidarian

2. The Relationship Between the Quality of Learning and Educational Experiences of Medical Students During 2018-19

Pages 104-109

Sayyed Majid Sadrzadeh; Seyed Mohammad Mousavi; Fatemeh Sadat Taghizadeh; Behrang Rezvani Kakhki; Maryam Akbarilakeh; Eelnaz Vafadar Moradi

3. Assessment of the Pupil Size in Emmetropic and Myopic Eyes

Pages 110-113

Negareh Yazdani; Nasrin Moghadas Sharif; Maliheh Karimpour; Asieh Ehsaei

4. Association of HLA-DRB1 with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis in Northeast Iranian Population

Pages 114-118

Nooshin Mohtasham; Hooshang Rafatpanah; Atessa Pakfetrat; Reza Zare; Hamideh Kade; Mahshad Hosseini shad; Maryam Zamanzadeh; Farnaz Mohajertehran


5. Tuberculosis for Alzheimer’s: Risk Factor, Treatment or Prevention

Pages 119-122

Atieh Yaghoubi; kiarash Ghazvini; Seyed Isaac Hashemy

6. Gastrointestinal Manifestations of COVID- 19

Pages 123-126

Mitra Ahadi; Negin Masoudifar; Mina Akbari Rad

Systematic review

7. IL-33/ST2 Axis as a Well-Known Endogenous Defense Against Tuberculosis

Pages 127-133

Mohsen karbalaei; Kiarash Ghazvini; Masoud Keikha

Meta- analysis

8. Effect of N-Acetylcysteine on Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale associated with Schizophrenia: A Meta-Analysis

Pages 134-144

Amir Ghaderi; Anna Bussu; Catherine Tsang; Sadegh Jafarnejad