Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2021 

Original article

1. Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Diabetic Foot Ulcer; a Clinical Study

Pages 44-49

Sepideh Babaniamansour; Nooshin Najari; Ehsan Aliniagerdroudbari; Amirmohammad Babaniamansour; Saeed Pezeshki

2. A 4-year Study on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Trends of Nosocomial Infections in a Mashhad Referral Hospital, Mashhad, Iran

Pages 50-55

Mahbobeh Khammar; Sepideh Hassanzadeh; Fatemeh Tara; Malihe Siahsar; Fatemeh Tahmasbi; Masoud Keikha; Kiarash Ghazvini

Case report

3. Fetal Nasopharyngeal Teratoma: An Autopsy Case Report

Pages 56-59

Alireza Rezaei; Nargess Afzali

Systematic review

4. Effect of Melatonin on the Sleep Quality: A Systematic Review

Pages 60-68

Khadijeh Alizadeh Feremi; Lale Alipoor; Ravanbakhsh Esmaeili

5. Prevalence of Child Abuse and its Related Factors in Iran: A Systematic Review

Pages 69-78

Maryam Salehian; Nahid Maleki-Saghooni; Fatemeh Zahra karimi


6. Blood Culture Positive for Gram-Positive Rods: Contamination or a True Infection-A literature Review

Pages 79-91

Kobra Salimiyan rizi; Hadi Farsiani; Mohammad Momen Ghalibaf

7. The Effect of Chamomile Extract on Coronavirus

Pages 92-95

Mohaddeseh Sadat Moghaddam; Niyusha Torabzadeh Khorasani; Reza Assaran Darban; Hamid reza Rahimi

8. Estrogen on Candida spp. of the Vagina: Is there any Effect?

Pages 96-102

Ali Abdul Hussein AL-Janabi; Ruaa Kadhim Mohammed Jawad